Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My pregnancy story: The Big Moment: Labour Experience

15th November 2014
This is the day that I was anticipating for, as it was going to be my brother’s solemnisation day. The next day would be his wedding reception in Putrajaya and I had planned to have an unofficial maternity photo shoot at the outdoor area of the wedding hall as it has a beautiful surrounding area. But did I manage to attend his solemnisation & wedding reception? Unfortunately no, I did not. Here’s how and why…
On 14th November 2014, it was a Friday. I have already started my maternity leave a week earlier and this date was the day I went to Umra Hospital, Shah Alam for my 37th week pregnancy check-up. At this pregnancy stage, I was told to undergo for routine check-up on weekly basis. My due date was slated to be on 9th December 2014 on my husband’s birthday (he was very hopeful). My husband was working on a morning shift so we waited until after Maghrib to go to the hospital. I believe we reached there in the evening at about 8.30pm or so. The nurse called my name and we went for a CTG (cardiotocography) to record the fetal heartbeat and my contractions. Last week, we did this and baby’s heartbeat showed good results meanwhile my contractions were very, very mild. While doing the CTG, I did notice that baby’s heartbeat is almost similar to last week’s but the graphs on my contractions were more drastic. Since I did not actually sense anything I did not ask the nurse nor feel worry about it at all.
We were then led to the doctor’s office where I met Dr. Karamjit. She asked me to have a seat and while I was taking my seat I noticed that she was actually observing me walking. Doctor asked me if I am feeling alright which I answered yes. She asked me again if I am sure about it to which I answered yes once again. She showed her disagreement through her facial expression and this worried me a little. Doctor mentioned that I was walking weird and my shoes are not suitable for my stage of pregnancy. So at that time I thought it was nothing serious it was probably just the shoes. She asked me to walk from one end to another, in her office. Although it felt awkward, I did anyway. She even demonstrated a better way to walk for expecting mothers like me – to reduce backache. So I was trying to follow her demonstration until she was finally satisfied. After that, I was asked to lie on the bed for scanning. Before she started scanning, the doctor gently pokes my belly with her hand and commented that my baby seems to be engaged as his position has dropped far below in my belly. She asked me if I felt any contractions at all and I told her not really and I was not feeling anything at that time. I had experience Braxton Hicks before but that was it – not painful and inconsistent. The doctor then proceeded to squeeze some gel on my belly and started scanning. The baby seems fine, although considered a little inactive.
Measurements were taken for his head circumference, estimated body length and weight, etc. Once scanning was done, she told me she would like to check my cervical opening (the part I hate the most). To my surprised, she told me that the opening is already between 1 to 2 centimetres. Doctor expressed her concern that I might be in labour very soon and as my baby has not fully develop his lungs yet, I was advised to take a Dexam injection to aid for this lacking. There would be 2 dosages, she said. First dosage needed to be taken right away and another dosage to be taken the next morning. Oops, no way I said. I told her I can only come back in the afternoon as my brother is getting married the next day. Oops, the doctor doesn’t look very pleased to hear about this as she told me that I might be in labour anywhere between now and the next 48 hours. She looked very sure about this and gave her consent anyway. She actually encouraged that I admitted to the hospital that night, but as I insisted to attend my brother’s wedding, she then suggested that I wear sanitary pads and brought lots of extras to the wedding in case my water broke. Frankly, I wasn’t taking her suggestion seriously as to me, the due date is still far away and the doctor was just over-concern. So I happily agree anyway – as long as I am allowed to go to the wedding then I am fine. So we went home that night…
My husband and I went to bed early, as we know we have a long day tomorrow – the solemnisation followed by hospital visit again and a birthday party to attend. I was pretty ambitious to even dream that I would be able to do all these three on the 15th. That night, I woke up at 3.30am to go to the loo. I woke my husband up to accompany me – I suddenly felt strange to go alone that night for unknown reason. In the loo (skips unnecessary parts), I saw some blood stain and of course I was jolted to see that. I told my husband and texted my mom (didn’t want to knock her door and I know she would read my text and she is a light sleeper). She came out from her room and told us to bring the pre-packed hospital bag and go to hospital right away. And we did. But not right away. We stopped at the Caltex in Sunway to buy some junk foods and drinks as we were hungry. Then we proceeded to the hospital. I even told my husband to “take his time” while driving as to me there was nothing to worry about..
We reached the hospital at about 4.30am and they put me in Labour Room 3. CTG was conducted again until the doctor came in which is at 5.00am sharp. Dr Karamjit checked my cervical opening again and told me I have dilated 2 centimetres. Just a mere 2 minutes after that, my water broke right in front of her! It felt extremely uncomfortable – I didn’t know what to do! Of course, the doctor and nurse assisted me, they told me to wash myself and put on my sanitary pad. After that, I was warded in Room 8 at Level 1. I requested for a VIP room as I wanted to have a private bathroom. At 5.30am, I was given a dosage of antibiotic via injection to prevent infection and I received the 2nd dosage at 6.00am. After these injections, I told my husband to sleep and assured him I was fine. I spoke too soon. Five minutes after the conversation with my husband, I felt my first painful contraction. Although painful it was considered bearable to me so I did not wake him up. The contractions kept on coming every 5 minutes. I thought this was nothing and during this time, I was busy texting with my family members.
It was already 7.00 am and the pain was turning almost unbearable. Dr Karamjit entered the room at 7.05am (yes, I kept watching the clock for blogging purpose!) and checked my dilation again. She told me I have dilated to 4centimetres at that time. I was pretty surprised as it was faster than I thought. Less than an hour after that, I was checked for dilation again and I have dilated 5cm! The doctor told me that I must be sent to the labour room and there, we had the CTG again. We entered the Labour Room 1 at exactly 8.00am. I received my 2nd dosage of Dexam at 8.15am. This is when the extreme painful contractions started. My husband was taught on how to help me with the oxygen mask while I struggle to keep my sanity throughout this whole labour process. Until now, I didn’t know how helpful was the mask after all – it didn’t seem to be reducing any pain but we used it anyway. The nurse asked if I would like to take any painkiller like epidural, etc but I couldn’t decide so we went off without any of those drugs. After many minutes of bearing the pain, at one point I couldn’t take it anymore. I kept on breathing extremely heavily into the oxygen mask and told the nurse I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. She asked me if I felt the urge to push and I said I wasn’t sure. The nurse called Dr Karamjit and she came in right away. It was 9.00am when she came in and I was again, gasping for air. She advised me to regain control of my breathing or unless the mask will be ineffective. So with all my might, I did manage to control my breathing. It felt almost impossible but I succeeded, yay! She checked my dilation – and asked do I want to give birth now? YES! I said Yes yes yes. (yes, I repeated it to the doctor). She answered “Okay then let’s give birth now, your dilation is complete. You may start pushing whenever you are ready”. I was dumbfounded. In my mind, I thought “Really? Push? Now? Push Now??”. I asked the doctor, I can push now? and she said yes you can. So without wasting any time, I started pushing.
So let’s skip all this pushing process, it took me 21 minutes to finally see my son being put on my chest, still covered in blood. I was stunned to see him in physical for the first time, I did not do or say anything! I looked at him in shocked until the doctor said “Go ahead, touch him”. I touched him lightly in disbelief that my son was born! The feeling is indescribable, but of course this is one of days I cherish most.

My brother's wedding? Of course I was a no-show to his ceremonies. He ended up paying me a visit at the hospital, still in his wedding attire with his partner! Dzarul Haq Rizq (my son) decided to pop out same day as his uncle's wedding day - perhaps he doesn't want his uncle to ever forget his birthday & age!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

This Is What Parental Leave Looks like around the World | Makchic

Today, I found a great article as shared in about parental leave in other countries around the world. Interesting! Click the link below to read further:

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

13 Things You Don’t Need to Buy For a New Baby | Makchic

A great read!

13 Things You Don’t Need to Buy For a New Baby | Makchic

I agree to many of these points. Although still inexperienced, my sisters shared the same views as her. It helps to save me lots of money when shopping for my baby too!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

You will be dearly missed Vegas

No I've never been to Las Vegas. 

Vegas is my pet hamster. She just died few hours ago. My always-there brother helped to bury her for me. TQ Farid! If not him, Dzarul will have to do it. I just cant do it myself. I cried the moment I saw her body already cold. But at the same time I am glad that she is finally gone. The torture has ended for once and for all.

I have no idea how many times I whispered to her "Just go, Vegas. Just go now"...

It breaks my heart to a million pieces to see her dying like that. "You have brought joy & happiness to me. Thank you. You can go now, baby. Momma loves you baby sayang"

I am not crazy. I just love my baby too much, animal or not. She responded whenever she heard my voice. probably it is a coincidence but... I feel touched seeing her like that. She always tried to move around when I speak to her. As if not wanting her momma to see her like that, trying to give me false hope that she is fine.

Momma knows best, baby. And now that you are gone, I am feeling better. Finally you are at the other side. No more hanging in the middle.

I love you Vegas baby.